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Welcome to the Media Conversions Web Site.
We are concerned with three aspects of Preserving Memories.

First, we convert older format media such as photos, slides, 8mm film or VHS tape to more current formats. While slides and 8mm film are inherently archival, meaning the image is usually stable for more than 50 years, few people still have working projectors so the images go unseen. Video tape, in all formats, has a limited life span. Typically at around 10 years the tape starts to degrade and image quality suffers. We convert images to formats usable on a computer or make DVD’s that you can play on your TV.

Second, we encourage our customers to add margin notes to the material that they are converting. If you think back to the old photo albums that your parents, or grandparents, kept you will recall that the photos had notes written on the back. Information about who was in the photo, what the event was and when it was taken were typical things that  added value to the album or scrapbook. Information that, if not written down, becomes lost as images are passed down from generation to generation.

Third, while photos, slides, and 8mm film might be archival, they are not indestructible. We are not claiming that DVD's are either. However, we are at an interesting technological crossroad. In the past there was typically only one, or maybe two, copies of any set of images. The negatives and one or two sets of prints. One set of slides, one copy of a film. It was simply too expensive to make copies. If an original was damaged in a flooded basement, burned in a fire, or scratched by careless handling then the images were gone. DVD's enable multiple copies of your image files or slide shows to be made cheaply. Keep one for yourself, pass copies out to family members, or put one in a safe deposit box. If something should damage your copy you can recover a good copy from one of the others that someone else has!

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