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Welcome to the Media Conversions Driod Builders Web Site.
I'm a member of the R2 Builders Club (R2BC) -  The websites described below provide R2 builders with the parts they need to build their own full size R2 Astromech Droid. My parts are based on plans and designs posted on the R2BC and owe their inspiration to the work done by Dave Everett, one of the club founders.

I have 3 web sites 
related to Building R2D2 - is the heart of the website. The R2 drawings & Designs for CNC cut Styrene droid parts are here. - for those of you who can't wait for the details, this page provides the price for the CNC cut parts packages I offer. - is where you'll find designs for all of the small parts that give R2 his character.

I'm also a member of the Star Wars: Rebels Chopper Builder's GroupChopper, is a C1-10P astromech droid.  Chopper is a principal character in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. My Chopper designs are based on drawings posted there by members of that group.
For now, I have only a single website for Chopper Builders. - I've started working on CNC cut styrene plans for Chopper, but they are incomplete.

R2D2 and Chopper are copyright Lucasfilm/Disney.
There are also copies of the documentation, and copies of the Facebook Chopper documentation, on this website that were used to create my designs.
That documentation belongs to it's creators.
My documentation carries the following notice: Copyright Media Conversions LLC. Released for non-commercial use only!
It applies to the content of this website that I have created as well as all of Media Conversions downloadable content.
If you use my designs to build your droid and then publish pictures of your work please give credit for the design to Media Conversions.

Historical note:
When I created the Media Conversions business, in 2003, it was about converting existing images (photos, slides, 8mm film, etc) into DVD format so that the images could be preserved, easily viewed and copied for other members of the family. I encouraged adding 'margin notes' the way people (mostly your grandparents) used to write dates and locations on the edges, or backs, of photos so, when looking back years later, they could remember the event.
My service mark was "I take what you have and give you what you want" and it was inspired by the Media Conversions name.
At the time I had a technical advantage, but now those services are available from many suppliers and I have moved on to "A Galaxy Far, Far, Away"

Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net
Updated: 09/13/20