Chopper's Foot Drive

Mechanical Parts Preparation

While most of the mechanical parts are 'off the shelf' and bolt together there is still some work to be done. First, the P60 gearbox pinion is sized for a 3.xx mm shaft while the BLDC motor has a 4 mm shaft. The easiest thing to do, right now, is to swap out the motor shaft for one with a 3.xx mm cut down shaft. Also, the P60 gearbox comes without grease, so it has to be disassembled and greased up. Finally, #25 chain comes in boxes of 10 ft, but even if you have some laying around (I did from my R2 build) you have to cut the chain to the correct link and install a 'master' link to make the chain for the drive. We'll cover all three here.


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