Chopper Parts Pricing

07/29/18 - First announcement

Chopper is a work in progress, so at the moment there's only the Head Package and Foot Shell & Apron, Battery Box & Foot Drive Package to list here. Next up will be the Frame and Legs Packages.

Parts Packages Cost Raw Weight *
Chopper Head $ 350 15 lbs
Chopper Foot Shell & Apron, Battery Box & Foot Drive $ 225 10 & 3 Lbs
(2 pkg)
Acrylic Tube Cut for Battery Box (4pcs) $ 30 2 lbs
Acrylic Tube Cut for Foot Trench (2pcs) $ 20 1 lbs
Chopper Legs (Pair)
Chopper Frame
*For shipping weight add 2 Lbs to total to allow for packaging. Max weight package I ship as ~40 lbs. Larger orders are split

To Order Parts:
Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net. I'll need a Ship to Name & Address both for the order and to estimate shipping cost. I ship via USPS from zip code 08527 (Jackson, NJ). You can use that zip code on the USPS Shipping Cost Estimator if you want to estimate shipping yourself using the weight information above.

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