Building R2D2

12/31/21 - Orders list has been updated for 2022.

10/09/21 - Work proceeds slowly. Having to deal with real life can be a pain :-( The Covid pandemic isn't helping any!)
I've had several builders ask about Booster Covers so I'm taking a diversion to re-work a design I had done previously and document it.

06/03/21 - Work has begun on a design for a R6 Dome. You can see the preliminary design here. There is very little documentation on the R6 Dome so I'm looking for input from the R2 Community on some of the choices made for the 3D printed parts that go into filling out the skins.

02/03/21 - Work continues on the 3D Printed Parts pages both to add new parts to the inventory and illustrate what the finished parts look like. For parts that were designed to be attached using screws we've started using hot melt threaded brass inserts instead of attempting to tap threads into the part holes. There are a lot of parts to paint on an R2 so we will also be adding a design for an inexpensive spray booth. I can only use my garage during the spring & fall, It's too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. I needed the booth to be able to spray indoors all year round!

01/17/21 - I have only recently been advised that there was a revision to the rear door skins. see the following thread on the R2BC website: I have revised my CS:R Rear skins and are now shipping corrected skins. I'm also redesigning the CS:R rear door frame so that the rib is again centered on the panel line.

10/16/20 - My CNC shop has had to pass on increases in the costs of Styrene sheets. They have not done it for over 3 years. 
Price list has been updated. In some cases there has been no price increase as I've been able to absorbed the extra cost for some of the parts packages. See my web page at:

09/02/20 - Updated Shoulder Horseshoe to V2.2 - added/clarified assembly instructions - this is the first of several overdue updates to the website. Similar work is also in progress on the R23D - 3D printed Parts website.

04/04/20 - After 3 months of prototyping parts and revising the design,  I'm releasing the Outer Foot Drive & Shell design using .188 thick styrene. The basic design has not significantly changed. Tab and slot clearances have been adjusted to make the assembly easier and the parts assembly sequence has been adjusted to take those changes into account. I've left the original set of instructions up on the website and recommend that you review those instructions BEFORE you look at the new .188 version instructions. As always, if you have ANY questions at all please ASK! It's a lot easier to clear up confusion before you glue parts together than it is to try to pry those parts apart after you find out your guess was wrong.

- I've added some drawings to the Box Beam Legs Assembly instructions. My design for the legs was done when .250 styrene sheet was available. When it became unavailable, the design was converted to use 2 layers of .125 styrene, the drawings however were not updated. The new drawings are designed to clarify what thickness, and how many pieces, are being used during the assembly.

11/17/19 - I have converted the NextGen Frame over to using what I'm calling a Tab Core. No PVC pipe, No Sliders. Makes it easier to manufacture and assemble. Description here. Since I'm making changes I'm going to solicit suggestions for other changes to the NextGen Frame. One suggestion, made a while ago, is to provide 2 of the dome drive spur gear. Doubling up it's thickness makes aligning the drive gear with the mating ring gear easier. Have a suggestion of your own? Send me email: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net.

For Order Status see the  2022 Orders List.

For the packaging and pricing for CNC cut parts packages see my web page at:
For the pricing for 3D printed parts see my web page at:

R2D2 is copyright by LucasFilms Ltd.
All other material on these pages is copyright Media-Conversions LLC. You may use my designs to create parts for your personal R2 Build.
You may not make parts from my designs to sell to others, or assemble a droid from my parts to sell to someone else.

Frank Pirz
Media Conversions LLC

Welcome to the Media Conversions  R2D2 Construction web pages.

Background - A little bit about me and why I want to build a full sized replica of R2D2.

R2D2 Construction
There's lots more to building a Droid than meets the eye. Particularly if its going to be mobile.

CS:R ANH NextGen Frame
assembly instructions
CS:R NextGen Frame - Conversion to Tab Core
CS:R Utility Arm Box
Dome Motivator

Engraved Skins -
CS:R ANH and CS:L ANH versions both available
2 Layer Skins
Engraved Skins
Mounting Engraved Skins

The CS:L Eggcrate Frame (Will have to be updated to .188)
assembly instructions
The Skirt
assembly instructions
The Fixed Shoulders - a design error with the Box Beam Legs has a minor impact on the Fixed Shoulders (see note)
3-leg Shoulders
assembly instructions
2-leg Shoulders
assembly instructions
Dome Motivator for Legacy Styrene Droids

R6 Dome

The Box Beam Legs 
assembly instructions
Booster Covers
assembly instructions
Shoulder Horseshoes
assembly instructions
The Hex Center Ankle
assembly instructions
The Eggcrate Center Ankle (replaced by the Hex Center Ankle)
assembly instructions
The SAK (Swiss Army Knife) CS:R Center Foot
assembly instructions
The Legacy Center Foot (replaced by the SAK Center Foot)
assembly instructions
The Outer Foot - showing integrated assembly of:
The Outer Foot Drive
assembly instructions (Previous Version)
assembly instructions (New .188 Version)
The Outer Foot Shell
assembly instructions (Previous Version)
assembly instructions (New .188 Version)
The 3D Printed Battery Box
assembly instructions

Body Parts

Utility Arm
Utility Arm Box

Document Packages
For the longest time I've been embedding my Document Packages (.zip files containing drawings in both .pdf and (autocad) .dwg format) in with the web pages that describe the parts. Unfortunately I have not been completely consistent in the way I formatted the links to those packages. To fix that problem I've brought all of the packages, and their links, together here.

Parts Packages
I have been approved by the R2BC Builder's Council to offer CNC cut parts packages based on the designs I have posted here.
Additional information on the parts packages is on a separate set of web pages. See:

DroidCon II
Media Conversions attended DroidConII and Presented two talks. See all of the DroidConII material here.

3D Models
As part of the design process I create 3D models of the R2 parts that I'm building.
I'm using Alibre Designs 3D design package and I'm publishing the models in STEP AP203 (.stp) format in English (inch) units.
The Models have been given a separate set of web pages.   The 3D models page is here.

Robot Library
Useful reference items

Information Sources - The R2 Builder's Club and lead the list!
Health Hazards of the various solvent glues typically used in building R2.
Plastics Suppliers and Styrene Prices
Design Choices: Styrene or PVC, Which Glue & Plastic Thickness
Supplier Links

Contact Information
Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net

Legal Notices
R2D2 is copyright by LucasFilms Ltd.
All other material on these pages is copyright Media-Conversions LLC. You may use my designs to create parts for your personal R2 Build.
You may not make parts from my designs to sell to others, or assemble a droid from my parts to sell to someone else.