Chopper's Legs

Version 0 Prototype

The first pass of a new design is usually fraught with problems. Chopper's Leg design was actually worse. The CNC shop had some problems with the cut path routing software that resulted in leaving incomplete cuts. I salvaged what I could from the parts and assembled most of a leg. It was missing most of the interior ribs. I managed to learn a few things from the process and will be making changes.

These are the major parts that were assembled during the
Version 0 Prototype.

Clockwise from the top:
Left Leg top center (non Structural).
Left & Right Leg lower box
(non Structural).[missing end cap]
3D printed strut (see Struts below for more detail)
Left & Right Commom Leg Frame (Structural).

All the pieces are shown without the .040 skins.

Issues with the fit of the parts kept me from fully populating the box beam structure. R's mark the location of Ribs, E mark the Edge Fillers. [missing angled end cap]

Above: The leg really has none of the intended Box Beam Structure.
Right: Left Leg assembly without the 3D printed curved top.
Left: Back of the Common Leg Frame.
Shown with Shoulder Hub (see below).
Leg Stress Testing

Children. Don't try this at home!
That's 160+ Lbs of weight on a mostly hollow leg assembly.
Left Leg Top Center

Leg Common Parts
Shoulder Hub

Shoulder Cover (Puck)

Above: the parts that go into the assembly
Right: Assembly pairs of parts. Make sure the recesses for the magnets are facing outward!

Clamp the parts together. Make sure the recesses for the magnets are facing outward! 

Orient the stack of parts so you can drip solvent into the inside and let it flow around to glue the layers together.

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