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Chopper - C1-10P

Welcome to the Media Conversions Chopper web pages.

07/29/18 - Chopper Head Finalized, drawing files posted, CNC cut parts are available for purchase. Added a parts pricing page.
Posting design details in the next week for Foot Drive and Battery Boxes (picking up first prototype 8/3)
Always looking for Community Input on designs! contact info below.
05/13/18 - Updated Head design with the release of Version 1 of the head! Looking for comments from the Chopper Builders Community.
03/27/18 - Added web page for Chopper's Foot Drive.
03/13/18 - Made design changes to the Foot to accommodate using 4in wheels. Asking for community input on changes & motors for Chopper.
02/24/18 - Made additional design changes to the Battery Box to make it easier to build them. Asking for community input on the different options.
01/07/18 - Added foot and modified battery box designs with 3D .pdf & .stp files.
01/01/18 - Happy New Year! - Added 3D .pdf and .stp (step) files for Left & Right Leg and Skirt (including prototype construction for the Skirt)
08/20/17 -  Added body 'features' to the Body listing. Added composite 
head illustrations to Head listing. Added a partial list of References.
07/23/17 -  "rolled Flat" version of Head skins posted see here

March 2017 - I've been unhappy with the 3D CAD package I've been using for my R2 designs. There are two packages that became available more recently. One that I decided to try out is Autodesk's Fusion360 (F360 for short). The package is free [as long as you are a student or your business makes less than $100,000/year :-) ] is cloud based, and enables the sharing of designs. In order to learn if the package would work for me I decided to try designing 3D models of Chopper. There's a steep learning curve, not helped by the lack of reference manuals, and the sheet metal feature is in Beta. In spite of that I think it's worked out well. Here are some of the results.  Update on F360 (9/20/17) - I've stopped designing with F360. The package can export .dwg files but the files exported can only be read by Autodesk products.Until Autodesk fixes that bug (it's apparently been that way for a long time so I'm not holding my breath!) I can't use the product to generate drawings that I can give to my CNC shop! Meanwhile Geomagic Design has been bought from 3D systems by Alibre design (the original crew of design/support staff!), is again Alibre Design and now more focused on supporting and improving their product.

Body Features
Auxiliary Arm
Power Bay
Head Assembly
Left  & Right Leg
Foot & Battery Box
Battery Box
Foot with Battery Box
Foot Drive

Chopper Parts Pricing Page

At this point, I'm posting these designs for comment. I'm looking for Chopper Builders to point out errors or omissions in the designs so that I can update the drawings before I proceed to create building plans.  I have also been unable to find much information on Chopper's Center foot.

I'm no longer posting  links to the F360 files. Per the note above, F360 can't generate Autocad .dwg files that other drawing programs can read. [ie, you have to have the Autodesk $$ version!]
Instead I'm using Alibre Design to generate .stp (step) format files. Most 3d design software can read .stp files. If you need a different format let me know! The download link is located on all of the pages where a .stp file is available.

First, it was PaulG (TheHobbyGuy) who suggested that I should create a CNC styrene version of Chopper. So, in some sense it's all his fault :-)
Second, A number of Chopper builders have posted documentation on-line that I have used to create these models. I'd like to give them credit for their hard work and thank them, without their documentation this project would not be possible! Primary contributors included: Cleofett, TinyP, Joymonkey and others.
A partial list of the References I have used is here.

Contact Information

Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net

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