Radar Eye

This 3D model is derived from the CS:L plans published by Curious Marc. I would like to thank him for working with me to resolve problems I was having converting those plans into a 3D model.

I've added a lens to Marc's 3D model. I was unable to find any CS:L spec for the lens. The lens you see here is derived from the 3D model posted for the CS:R Radar Eye.
I've segmented the model into four sections for 3D printing.
The Lens is an option. If you would prefer a vacuum molded lens there are several different suppliers offering them on Astromech.net
Click on the image to open a 3D .pdf version of the design.

Radar Eye Assembly
These parts are from the second prototype 3d print there will be some small changes and the lens is not yet shown
as part of the assembly. Take a look at the last pix for info on finishing the lens.

Text notes will be added once I have pictures from the 1st production version parts
I finally found a use for the Dome I purchased when I first began designing R2 parts. The radar eye is held on with double sided tape!

Wondering how you are going to get a smooth finish on your lens?
We added a recess with 4 mounting holes on the rear of the lens and have included a mating disc.
You supply a 1/4-20 bolt & nut to serve as a shaft .
Mount the disc onto the back of the lens, chuck it in your drill and
polish away.