Shoulder Hydraulics & Buttons

3D Printed Shoulder Hydraulics

The Printed Parts

I used a .1 dia styrene rod (supplied) to keep the parts in alignment while being glued. Carefully drill out the holes in the parts (they will be slightly undersize), do not drill thru the end pieces. Make sure the mating surfaces are smooth. Use a bar clamp, or a large C clamp, to hold the pieces in contact with each other. Also clamp the end parts to a common surface so that they are in alignment. Use something that will not bond to the plastic in case you get a stray drop of cement on the parts for both the alignment and your work surface. I used a piece of aluminum bar stock for alignment and I'm working on a piece of formica counter top. When all of the clamping is done use only a tiny amount of glue on the joints to finish the assembly. Remember - this is not a structural part and when mounted in the Shoulder Hub it's protected.
3D Printed Shoulder Buttons

No assembly required :-)
3D Finished Parts Installed in Shoulder Horseshoe

Image kindly provided by R2 Builder David Codding
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