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DVD Authoring
The Advantage, and the power, of a DVD presentation is in the Menu. Video Tape, the last great revolution, was a linear medium. To get from one point to another you had to fast foward or rewind. It was tedious and frustrating. If you are like me you would overshoot your destination and had to go back and forth again a few times. A DVD Menu avoids these probems. You can go directly to any place on your DVD. Typically we use an image based menu, with scenes taken from the material being presented. For DVD's consisting of many short subjects Text based menus can be used at the beginning of the DVD to select which subject to watch.

If you have still images, either scanned photos or slides, we can make a DVD Slide Show out of the images. Typically each image is shown for 5 seconds followed by a 1 second fade to the next image. The result is a 10 images/minute slide show.
We can add Titles and Captions to provide additional information to the viewer and preserve the 'margin notes' that were on the backs of the photos.

As part of preserving your memories and adding information to your presentation you can add Titles, Captions, and Credits to your DVD.
A Title is a text label, typically over a solid color background or a theme background based on the material in the DVD. Titles are placed at the beginning of the subject.
A Caption is a text label typically placed over the subject matter and used to identify the person, place or thing being seen.
A Credit is a text label placed over the end of the subject. Media Conversions will place a DVD authoring credit at the end of it's DVD's.

A Sample DVD is available that illustrates the use of Titles, Captions and Credits.

Sample Scene Selection Menu
Pricing for DVD Authoring
Slide Show Authoring Charge
First 100 images
includes: One Title, one copy of DVD
Tape/Film Authoring Charge
includes: One Title and one customized menu with up to 11 selection points

Additional Menu
Up to 10 selection points/menu page
Additional Titles or Captions $1/each
Additional Copies of DVD $5/each

Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net