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Media Conversions offers custom video editing and DVD authoring services to its customers. We cannot be the lowest cost provider of video services and we are not trying to be. Money Magazine ran an article "New Life for Old Memories" in it's April 2009 issue (pg48). If you have a lot of photos, slides, film or videotape that you want to convert cheaply consider the web sites that they listed:
Photos 300dpi .jpg scans of 1000  $49.95
35mm slide scans 2000dpi (5Mp) $1.98 (q25) to $.65 (qty 1801)
VHS to DVD transfer $25/tape or $249.95 for up to 14 tapes
35mm slides 3000dpi $.29
Photos 600dpi $.27
35mm slides 7Mp $.35/frame
8mm film to DVD $.20/ft under 3000ft
VHS to DVD transfer $14.95/2hrs
8mm film to DVD $20/50ft (q1-3) + $10/dvd + $10/ship- cheaper for more film
8mm film to DVD $.12/ft
VHS to DVD $18.95/tape ($11.96 q10+)
Photos or Slides $.29/image
8mm to DVD transfer $20/50ft +$35/dvd

Disclaimer: Media Conversions has no connection to these businesses, has not used their services, and does not vouch for their capabilities. Your milage may vary.


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