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Basic Video Tape Conversion
does nothing more than directly convert the video from the tape to a format that can be placed on DVD. There is no menu. When you insert the DVD into your DVD player it begins to play the video. If you want to skip you have to use "fast foward" on your DVD player the same way you would on your video tape player. Unless they were present on the original video tape, there are no Titles, Captions or Credits.

See DVD Authoring to add Titles, Captions, and a scene menu to your video tape.
Pricing for Basic Video Tape to DVD Conversion
Service includes:
Custom printed DVD-R with text or image (single copy)
Conversion from tape to DVD,
up to 1 hour
Additional time, in 15 min intervals $2.50/15 min.
Additional copies of DVD  $5 each

Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net