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Let me guess. What you have is the classic "Shoebox Full of Slides". If you are like most folks you no longer own a slide projector or a screen. If the boxes are not marked up, you might not even know what event the slides are from unless you take a look.

Basic Slide Conversion
converts slides to computer images that you can look at, print or edit, email to family and friends, or otherwise organize easily. We provide a CD, or DVD, with copies of the images, versions with the edges trimmed to remove the slide frame border, and versions that are smaller (suitable for web site or email but not printing).  For those of you who don't regularly use computers, we also provide a printed "proof" sheet with thumbnail versions of the images.

See DVD Authoring to turn converted slides into a Slide Show

shoebox full of slides

Sample Proof Sheet
Pricing for Basic Slide Conversion
Service includes:
Slides converted to 7Mpix .jpg images
[Raw format is available at additional cost]
2nd set of images resized to 720x480 pixels (for faster viewing)
Proof Sheet (thumbnail images, 1 per box of slides)
Digital images of slides provided on CD-R disk.

Slide Conversion of first 4 boxes of slides (max 40 slides/box) $20
Additional boxes of slides provided at same time  $5/@additional box

Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net