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Identify Length of film and type of Film feet approx. viewing time
Film reel size information Regular
regular 8mm film
50 3 min & 15 sec
200 13 min & 2 sec
400 26 min & 2 sec
super 8mm film
50 2 min & 55 sec
200 11 min & 40 sec
400 23 min & 20 sec

Pricing for Basic Film Conversion
Service includes:
Convert the film to a format that can be played on a DVD.
There is no menu. When you insert the DVD into your DVD player it begins to play the film. If you want to skip you have to use "fast foward" on your DVD player the same way you would on a video tape player. Unless they were present on the original film  there are no Titles, Captions or Credits.
You might want to give some thought to the order you want your films to play on the DVD. The order you specify is the order they will appear in on the DVD.
A single DVD can hold approximately 120 min of video. If you have more than 120 min of film for processing then it will have to be split across more than one DVD.

See DVD Authoring to add Titles, Captions, and a scene menu to your converted film.
Conversion charge $50
Per foot of Film $0.25
Additional Copies of DVD $5 each

Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net